Monday, December 14, 2015

The Grand Theft Auto epic

I got an idea, which would be good food for thought for anyone.

Starting off I'm going to inform you that get educated on how games are made. You can't just think up an insane idea and just make it into a game without limits. Like alot of the kids like to think these days.

My idea is blending in and mixing both universes of 3D and HD, resulting a fully connected GTA world, which will connect all the stories from Tommy Vercetti in 1986 to the GTAV trio in 2013.

Imagine- Tommy, Carl Johnson, Claude, Niko Bellic, Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton. All in the same universe, their stories overlap each other eventually. The maps would be alot more detailed and mix together with the previous versions of areas.

For example, Liberty City V1 had a junkyard, a dam, more forest area, etc. But if it was refurnished and latched onto LC HD, we would quite well have an entire New York state. Same if we added in Florida and the state of San Andreas, plus the mysterious area of North-Yankton.

The story of the 3D era ends in 2001, but we join back in 2008 with GTAIV. What happened 2002 to 2007? I'd like to know more about what happened even before the chronologically first GTA game. Also different countries like Russia, Japan, China, all the vehicles and guns which were manufactured outside of the US. It would be so awesome to get to know their backstories.

There's two versions of the Rhino- 1984 Rhino has doors on the side, making it accessible like any road vehicle. 1992 Rhino is more like the M1A1 Abrams tank used by the US military with a latch on the front end. Same tank was updated in 2013, but had more of the look to the German Leopard- again using the same entry way. The previous tank was reused in 2001, suggesting that it's more of a national guard variant as both VC and III are set in cities with almost no forest areas. In conclusion there's two variants of the Rhino- one for civilian protection, other for combat operations.

Understood that Rhino 1 is more strict due to coding difficulties, engine limitations, and more animations required if they were to make it fully into a Stryker or LAV.

But with these two sections, we have blown your mind how interesting it is to give a part of the games such a vast backstory.

So when we could theorize and talk for ages, there needs to be a GTA bible, which would cover historic events, design choices, and other relations and happenings which led up to the games we know and love today.

The GTA wiki is one of the sources which has made me realize how interesting the entire backstory to the games are. We used to have almost no mind to the stories- just "Oh, Catalina is a bitch and we better kill her soon before she can make it any worse" but once you play San Andreas your mind goes to "Claude was such a sweet guy back in the day, but Catalina fucking betrayed him."

Anything more you'd like to hear, I'm always here.